The essence of coconut water

Coconut water has long been considered a natural and pure beverage. Coconut water is also used in food processing and in medicine for healing.

Today, scientists have discovered many uses of coconut water for human health and skin, researchers have demonstrated that coconut water contains many nutrients such as sugar, protit, lipids, minerals. In particular, lauric acids and cytokinins in coconut water will regulate the growth of skin cells, reduce the aging of skin cells, balance the pH, moisten the skin, limit acnes, wrinkles and give the white and bright skin. Thus coconut water has been recently used in the production technology of whitening cosmetics

Our company has successfully applied the mask production technology from coconut lotion. This is a new and unique product which is manufactured and packaged entirely in Vietnam.

From old coconuts which have been selected carefully, thereby coconut water will utilized and fermented with the impact of Acetobacter microorganisms. This product (known as coconut pieces), after fermentation, will be a transparent and pure Cellulose biomass retaining many important nutrients in coconut water. This is the result for more than 10 years of our constant research efforts and creativity to give consumers the opportunity to use natural products with high quality.

Cuu Long coconut masks are especially natural, without any chemical and skin allergy, very safe to use. Our products will clean, moisturize and whiten your skin naturally. The product is transparent and colorless. In particular, the product still retain some important nutrients to make the skin beautiful from raw coconut water.

The product is also very useful: when applied, the mask is pressed close to the skin (the sheet mask does not have this advantage), the face is very cool and not sticky. So it is very useful to use (users can relax, or can move to do other jobs still it do not fall off … will save much time)

Product has been tested several times through Ben Tre Testing Center for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, center for quality measurement 3, HCMC Pasteur Institute, and our quality registration number has been issued by Ben Tre Department of Health.

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